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July Meeting

Monthly Meeting is on Wednesday July 10, 2019. We will be meeting in room 107. Meeting to begin promptly at 6:00pm. Items for discussion will include State Fair Parking, Officer Transition and any other additional items brought up at the meeting. 



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Proposed Changes to By-Laws

Article III #3:  Change to read:  The assets of the organization shall be dedicated exclusively to the promotion of West Allis Central High School athletic teams and be used for such purposes.  All requests must be presented to the Executive Board and voted on by the general membership.

Article VI #1: Change current to prior. Add Dues are waived while sitting on the Booster Club Executive Board. Additionally, each officer shall receive a Woodland Conference Pass to attend sporting events.

Article VII: #1 - Removal of Bulldog Bash, Pig Skin Palooza and Raffle. Add:  As the need for other committees arise, committee shall be formed with a chair appointed by the President.


Article XII #1:    Add:  Committees may communicate electronically to the President and the Treasurer.

Article XIII #4:  Add:  When required or requested the Secretary shall assist the Treasurer with his/her appointed duties.

Article XVI #8:    Change to:  Due to past experiences, a maximum of up to $150.00 cleaning fee may be charged to the sports program responsible if the concession stand is not cleaned and restocked after each event.  The concession committee shall make a determination if there is a question regarding the cleanliness of the facility.

Article XVII # 5:  Change from a minimum of one BC concession to a minimum of 2.

Article XVII # 6.  (Addition) Outline Shares in the pooling system - 1 share is 2 hours or less, 2 shares is 2-4 hours, over 4 hours is 3 shares. 

Article XVII # 10.  Change from 5 days to 10 days prior to event

Article XVII # 12.  A penalty for committing to work concession and not doing it needs to be imposed.  This can include a fine of $125.00 or loss of another shift as determined by the concession committee.

Article XVII # 13.  Add required staffing numbers as outlined:

To Open Stands:

Football Games: 4 people

Volleyball Boys: 2 people

Volleyball Girls: 3 people

Basketball Boys: 3 people

Basketball Girls: 3 people

Wrestling: 2 people

Baseball: 2 people

Track: 3 people

Other:  2 people

Ideal numbers for running the concession stand are:


Football Games: 6 people

Volleyball Boys: 3 people

Volleyball Girls: 4 people

Basketball Boys: 5 people

Basketball Girls: 4 people

Wrestling: 5 people

Baseball: 3 people

Track: 4 people

Other:  4 people

If adequate in writing staffing 10 days prior to event is not received to concessions chairperson(s), the event will be forfeited and offered to another team. Other sports teams will be offered the event. If all decline, a Jr. Bulldog team will get next priority and then on to other clubs in the school.

Article XVII # 14.  Teams covering a forfeited event will receive 1 ½ times the normal shares once their 2 minimum required events have been worked. 


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