Code of Conduct for Games

Parents, Family and Friends of WAC Sports

Home or Away

The following fan guidelines for all sports apply to adults as well as students.

I will provide positive encouragement for both teams and will refrain from making insulting or inappropriate comments to any spectators, players, parents, officials or coaches.

I will accept all decisions and calls made by officials. I will not boo officials.

I will be a positive role model and my support for the home team will be in good taste.

I will never single out any player on either team and try to embarrass them with chants, or repeated cheers that are negative in nature.

I will be responsible for myself, my friends and my family when in attendance to demonstrate good sportsmanship and behavior.

If you are asked to leave a home event during the season, you must comply immediately. If you are removed a second time, you will not be admitted to any more events for the entire season.

Students suspended from school may not attend athletics or after school activities.